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Cypres trees
Arum italicum Large cuckoo pint(May) Star of Bethlehem(April) Ornithogalum umbellatum  Birthwort(April-May) Aristolochia rotundifolia Bugle(April-May) Ajuga reptans Scorpion vetch / false senna(April) Coronilla emerus Cypress spurge(April-May) Euphorbia cyparissias  Fumitory(April) Fumaria officinalis Black walnut tree(April-May) Juglans nigra Pink Oxalis (April-May) Oxalis articulata False acacia (late April - early May) Robinia pseudoacacia Sun spurge (April) Euphorbia helioscopa  Sword leaved helleborine (May) Ink cap mushroom (May) Cephalanthera longifolia Coprinus sp.
page highlight Dieci castella of Valleriana near Pescia spring button summer button autumn button winter button fauna button Love-in-the-mist(May) Madonna lily (May-June) Yellow foxglove (May)
Knapweed (May)
Self heal (May) self heal rampion bellflower Rampion bellflower(May) Hiking in northern Tuscany Hiking in northern Tuscany Our self-catering accommodation Our self-catering accommodation Biking and cycling in northern Tuscany Biking and cycling in northern Tuscany Contact us Contact us Where to eat in Tuscany Where to eat in Tuscany Skiing in Tuscany Skiing in Tuscany Home page Home page What to see in Tuscany Additional guest services here at Numero 182 Additional guest services here at Numero 182 Anemone nemorosa Wood anenome(March) Barren strawberry(March) Potentilla sterilis Silene latifolia White campion(March-May) Coltsfoot(March) Tussilago farfara Chelidonium majus Greater celendine(March-May) Tree heather(March) Erica arborea
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As winter draws to an end and spring begins, the bare trees and the mountains around us rapidly fill with green, soon followed by the beautiful colours and scents of blossoms and flowers. It’s a very exciting time of the year, and one full of the promise and potential of the warmer weather and longer days to come.
tassel hyacinth love in the mist yellow foxglove madonna lily Tassel hyacinth (May) Olive Olive(May) tufted vetch Tufted vetch (May) orange lily Orange lily (June) knapweed Opium poppy(May) opium poppy Lords and ladies (June) lords and ladies bearded iris Bearded iris(May) scabious Scabious(June) Hairy stereum (June) hairy stereum Viola arvensis Field pansy(March) Rock cinquefoil (May) rock cinquefoil heartsease pansy Heartsease pansy(May) Prickly pear cactus (June) Opuntia sp.